You know so little about me

What if I turn in to a writer? Or something….

And what will be that ‘something’? Keep reading to find out.

Welcome to my little corner of the WWW. I promise not to be ‘boring’.

I love TV, and movies, and you’ll read me talking about them, and practically anything that comes to mind.

I’ll be posting some spec screenplays, along with some poetry. This little place will be my ‘creativity corner’. An escape from the real world. My alter ego, my double life.

Do note that I can be schizophonic, at least in terms of spelling. I do float between UK and US spellings and I do try to be consistent, but I don’t always pay attention. Yes, ‘schizophonic’ isn’t a real word, at least not yet.  I do punctuate British-style. I force myself to use American/AP style, but it always looks backwards. The quote marks will be innies, instead of outies.

For those who do know me and know some of my little secrets, there are more.

Simply stated, I’m back!


~ by hooklineandthinker on February 26, 2010.

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