Life is for the cold made warm and they are just lizards*

It’s been a busy couple of weeks. Life has been busy, work has picked up, and good writing intentions were just that.

Some fluffy, sugary, Easter chocolate-y stuff. The Cadbury Mini Eggs bag has been calling.

‘V’ has returned from its long hiatus, in semi-fine form. The dead rodent in the trap being a possible snack brought back memories of the original miniseries and series. I’ll give it a couple of episodes to see what’s what and if some of the initial concerns I had with it back in November resolve themselves.

The deliciously snarkable ‘Stargate: Universe’  aired its first new episode since December (?) on Friday. I had almost forgotten that it was on. Really. Unfortunately, absence did not make my heart grow fonder. I tend to watch almost any sci-fi program on television. I watched every episode of the original ‘Stargate SG1’, every episode of ‘Stargate: Atlantis’. I was excited about the dark promise and potential of SGU: character-driven, dark, edgier and more ‘adult’ than the originals.  Except for the characters being thrown out of the Gate in the pilot, it’s been a lamentable, unfocused, purposeless sexist mess.

My eager eyes (or well, ones gazing at chocolate) decided to give it another chance. I liked the idea of the aliens, and the nod to the X Files ‘Fight the Future’ brought back some memories (the pods reminded me of the ones on the alien ship in the movie). Friday night was X Files night back in the 90s. I miss that show…

‘Fringe’ had a stellar episode on Thursday and probably one of the best in its history. John Noble’s acting – again outstanding. The emotion he brought forth in terms of the depth of what a parent will do for his child and his conveyance of the sense of loss was heartbreaking.

Am still plodding through ‘The Pacific’.

I took a night off last week to attend the Muse concert here in my little corner of the world. I had little awareness of the Brit band except for its fine 2009 release ‘The Resistance’. It made my top 5 albums of 2009 list but came second to the Manics’ ‘Journal for Plague Lovers’.

Going to a concert on one’s own can be quite enjoyable. I really tried to find someone, anyone, who had heard of them. The identical blank face deer-in- the-headlights look I received from everyone was quite disconcerting.  The major hit ‘Uprising’ has been inescapable. A last minute decision the day of the show.

Had an excellent seat right beside the stage. A very good view. Maybe 30 feet from the band, if that.

Muse has been called the best live band in the world (currently). And it showed. Impressive theatrics, stage design, guitar work. The LED effects with the towers were very well-done. The initial 9/11 feel, the drones, the perfect beginning to the Orwellian ‘The Resistance’.

There was a noticeable detachment from the audience and the stage banter seemed a bit lacking. Most of the setlist comprised material from the last two albums. Some of my lower ranking of ‘The Resistance’ resulted from my feeling that Matt Bellamy’s vocal range didn’t  quite capture the emotion/depth that a couple of songs required. They worked, but just not quite. It’s a subjective thing. The live versions were superior. The local audience was also treated to ‘Ruled by Secrecy’ and ‘Bliss’. I left the show more of a fan/willing to check out previous material (had no idea of the band at all past the current album).

The normal posting schedule will hopefully now resume!

*From ‘Faster’, Manic Street Preachers, The Holy Bible (1994)


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