Thought I’d go a bit e.e. cummings this entry.

Yes, I’ll use caps. No lower-case. At least not completely.

‘Fringe’ had its season finale. I hope that I’ll be able to come back in the fall and give the show a chance. Again. It’s a fail for me. Wasn’t too impressed by the season-ender. Felt it a bit too telegraphed. Too easy. I didn’t enjoy the Peter/Olivia kiss. The show’s ‘ship’ does not work. Perhaps the alt-Olivia will liven up the show. Something needs to happen. The entire ‘believer’ dynamic of the show is not working. Not much of any conflict or any real interest.

‘Lost’ aired its finale on Sunday. I was impressed that the show did not collapse under its complex mytharc. A good, satisfying ending. Lots of unanswered questions, lots of things to think about. I liked the idea of the present, past, and future-forwards culminating in Jack Sheppard’s journey in ‘Purgatory’ and to his own death at the end of the show.  I’ll miss ‘Lost’.

’24’ finished this evening. A good ending to a mediocre season. I half- expected the running clock to explode at the end and have Jack Bauer killed, but Jack was given his chance to escape. And possibly have yet another chance to save the world once again on another day. Farewell, Jack. The years of terror are behind us again. Til conspiracies are in vogue again.

The UK 2012 Olympics  organisers revealed the mascots last week. I… I am still in hysterics. Wenlock and Mandeville? I dunno. I agree with most of the laughingstock comments. Uh, really? Karma will be a bitch for the Brits come next Olympics. Criticising the Canadian Olympics? Your turn now. And well-deserved.

Muse released the new single from the new ‘Twilight’ film coming out in June (Neutron Star Collision – Love is Forever). I am not a Twi-Hard. I saw the first movie and couldn’t figure out the appeal to anyone past the age of say, 20. I’m not 16, I guess. Not a bad song. Quite poppy, with some Queen influences. Muse-y though. Matt Bellamy gives a good vocal performance. Musically good, lyrically mediocre. Did like the sonic structure and the Outro/Coda.

Work is a bit quieter now. Life is getting back to normal.


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