Like living your life in a show… by Rodgers and Hammerstein*

That lyric came from Chess, one of my favourite musicals. The story opens with a wink and a nod to the great ‘dinosaur’ shows, and then quickly flips to the evolved, modern musical. The Cold War, the Russian, the American, conspiracies found. The game of chess. From square one, we’ll be watching all sixty-four. Chess, like the game of love and life, can be played in endless variations.

I got to play with the new iPad this week. No, it’s a friend’s. The lack of Flash and the ability to use only one App at a time has me still thinking about it.  And figuring out how to get OS X on to it to get it to be a bit more useful. It’s a cool new toy. The keyboard App could keep me occupied for hours.  Wonder if there’s a drums App.  I’m tempted.  I’m usually an early adopter of tech. Hmmm.

The happy news that the Manics’ new album will be dropping September 27 came my way, along with UK tour dates. Oh yes, my ‘curse’ continues. I have been trying for years to see them live. The band and I are uh, star-crossed. And are again this fall. I am looking forward to Postcards from a Young Man. I hope that the band has finally been able to exorcise the ghost of Richey (through 2009’s Journal for Plague Lovers). I am looking forward to another intelligent album. Very rare. It’ll be their 10th studio album. Rumours are it’ll bring joy instead of the bleakness that defined Plague Lovers. I hope it won’t be Lifeblood II. I replaced that with James Dean Bradfield’s solo album The Great Western.

I caught the Discovery Channel’s Stephen Hawking specials dealing with aliens and time travel. Interesting. Good for the generalist. I was hoping that the shows would have also included the ideas of the multi-verse and parallel universes (the 11th dimension).  No real mention of string theory.

The new Dr. Who redeemed itself this week with the ‘Amy’s Choice’ episode. I still have mixed impressions of the new series. It really hasn’t been working for me. I don’t know if it’s the new Doctor or what. Perhaps an episode featuring Wenlock and Mandeville (the new 2012 Olympic mascots) will do the trick. The Doctor will save us!

Breaking Bad aired its penultimate season three episode this evening. The descent of Walter White to druglord has begun. A powerful episode. Unexpected ending, but not a total surprise. Vince Gilligan, the showrunner, still remains one of the best working on television today. Breaking Bad has been allowed to breathe, to go with its flow, to work perfectly. Not a television program for everyone, as it is dark and the ending will not be good.

Stargate: Universe also aired its penultimate episode on Friday. I liked the pacing of the episode, but I am bored with the idea of the Lucian Alliance.  C’mon writers. You have a brand new show, you want this to not be your daddy’s ‘Stargate’ and you pull out the old crap from the magician’s ratty hat.

I’ll enjoy this series’ hiatus til fall. Needs a rework to keep me watching. No, I really do like snarking the show. Decisions, decisions.

Now, I need to fall off a horse or do Do-Re-Mi.

* ‘Merano’, from Chess (1984)


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