Alone in the universe

It’s summer and my brain’s on holiday this week.

I need to work on my throw for lawn darts. Yes, they are now illegal in a lot of places. Too sharp for today’s kids. I really don’t know how I survived childhood with all the ‘dangerous’ things I got to play with. I am lethal with the dart. Natural selection, anyone? More in to baseball, I suppose.

So, Robert C. Cooper is leaving Stargate: Universe ( Interesting PR exit interview. More shoot first, ask questions later talk. Not handled well PR-wise. Trying to unite the fanbase as part of the Stargate ‘family’? The sinking ship SGU? Can things actually ‘sink’ in space?  Maybe the show can get a ghost ship next year. A Flying Dutchman. Might liven things up. Not a particularly well-timed announcement. Probably should have been vetted by the US Syfy Network and MGM, polished a little. And then held back for a few months. Coming off a less than stellar year for the Stargate franchise? Poor critical reviews, lacklustre ratings, viewer disinterest? Hmmm. 

Don’t know if I’ll be back for SGU’s new season. Ho-hum season-ender ‘cliffhanger’. No sense that any of the characters are in any real peril or danger. I gave the darker ‘Stargate’ a year, I wasn’t impressed. I need some flashlights. Actually, the show has potential but it’s in no real danger of finding it. Too scattered, too boring, too few interesting, likeable characters. Too much saying it’s not the old ‘Stargate’, but then not doing much to set it apart from it, except a gruelly mess. No humour, no lightness.  Bring in new villains that aren’t recycled (well, at least the Lucian Alliance aren’t another semi-species of Replicators), bring in something to make me watch.

‘True Blood’ started its third season a week ago. Looks to be a promising season so far. The Maryanne/Maenad storyline went on a little too long last season. Hopefully this season will be a bit tighter, story-wise. But hopefully, Jason Stackhouse will still be dumb. And we’ll get a darker Eric.

‘Dr. Who’ is heading to the end of its new season. It’s been uneven, to say the least.  A few gem moments though.  Last week’s two-parter ender was a bit heavy-handed. Have been catching up on the older eps starting from 2004. By the end of the summer, I should be almost done. Although some days it can be quite confusing.

Did catch the premiere/preview of AMC’s ‘Rubicon’. I don’t know what if anything it will amount to. It may have promise, or it may not.  I like a well-written conspiracy tale, but it’s summer and I really don’t know if I want to invest in something heavy. We’ll see in August. ‘Entourage’ will start soon. I’ve almost given up on it. Too little character growth and it’s getting stale.

Off to a conference the rest of the week.


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