Black holes and revelations

I have many stories up my sleeve. No, you’re not getting *this* one just yet. Actually, it’s a personal ‘X File’ right now. I’m not writing it, so I have no idea what it’s about just yet. Intriguing, attention-worthy.

Chasing starlight. Feeling like I’m being sucked in to some black hole. 

Time is the fourth dimension. Stands still. Speed of light.

Acceleration. Third-stage. Collateral damage. Oh yes.

My conference included sessions on videogames, virtual theatre, human as Cyborg. Bring on Web 3.0.

Being a writer was easier a few years ago. You just needed an idea for a TV show or movie. Do a script, do a treatment.  Today’s movie industry is crappy. Tentpoles fail, the audience will spend money, but not on what the movie industry thinks will ‘work’.  It comes down to the opening weekend. TV is the place to be.  

Now it’s multimedia – gaming, interactivities, engaging the Web 2.0 crowd, monetizing the Internet. I’m working on an iPhone/iPad App with a friend. 1o percent at stake. Needless to say, my friend needs to do some work to get his idea going.

Still debating on the iPad toy I’ve been eyeing. It’s fun, but really, do I need it? Cool, but what would I do with it? I really wish it had Flash. Yeah, it syncs with the Macbook, but…..

Stargate SGU has ‘leaked’ some details about Season 2. Oh, yes, I can hardly wait. Well, yes, I can, since I probably won’t be tuning in to the new season. Oh the boredom.

I missed Glastonbury again. I always miss it, who am I kidding. And this year it wasn’t mud! Maybe next year. But Coldplay will probably headline and I always fall asleep to their albums…. maybe the year after.


~ by hooklineandthinker on June 30, 2010.

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