Summertime and the living is itchy

Gershwin, sort of.

After two years of not seeing a mosquito, one tried to feed on me on the weekend. That old, familiar feeling; that itch; the massive swelling.  Did I mention the itch?  And the swelling? No thanks. Not interested in being the meal today. Splat.

Life has been on high-contrast this week. Like some weird switch has been adjusted inside me, everything is very encouraging, or very stressful, depending on which minute it may be. I’m seeing almost everything in extremes and am very highly strung.  One wrong pull and my string would fly probably two rooms away. I need to chill out and relax. I’ve also been  accused of being rather self-indulgent the past little bit. I have had enough of everyone else’s troubles and would like to find some of my own, thank you. So, excuse me.

I’m behind on my summer movies. It hasn’t been hot enough to seek out air conditioning yet. Not much I really want to see, either.  Passed on ‘Bitchtar’ (Sex and the City 2), am not in to the ‘Twilight’ series (although I have heard that the soundtrack is great). I miss the days of actually lining up for a couple of hours to see a movie.  That rarely happens now. A couple of hours later, it comes out on DVD. I have a stack of DVDs to watch – mostly movies, and one European DVD that came with a special edition CD. Which does not work on my ancient DVD player that only understands NTSC format and the hack to get it to play PAL format ones doesn’t work. One DVD format for everyone! I don’t really enjoy watching DVDs on my PC, so it’ll take a while to get through it.

I’m behind on my ‘Sanctuary’  teleplay. No, I haven’t forgotten about it. It’s just been pushed back. Good stuff takes time. I’m also not a music composer and taking something literary (dialogue) and turning it in to sonic structure  is a bit of a challenge. Especially in screenplay format. I didn’t think that it would be too difficult.  But I am incorrect. Or hope for perfection. With any luck, I will create my own album. Or musical. I’ve always wanted to do a rock opera. Whether my ‘album’ sounds any good will be debatable. So I get to listen to a lot of prog- and alt-rock. Lots of good guitar. Too much fun. But it’s not for pure enjoyment.

TV pickings have been slim.  ‘Stargate: Universe’ still entertains. Another week, and more ‘news’ that comes out. This week’s installment concerns fandom comments that one of its stars (Brian J. Smith – Lt. Scott) made ( during a recent interview.

I was struck by the comment that  ‘ The Internet is kind of like road rage. Someone should do a study. People can assume this avatar, and become this kind of hateful, demonic person that they’re probably not in real life. And write things before they really, really think about it. It doesn’t take that long to sit down and have a response.’  I understand the comment, and yes, the Internet can be an interesting place. It’s a giant party. Sometimes you do get thoughtful people writing thoughtful things, and sometimes you don’t.   The boors sometimes do ruin the buffet. Everyone is entitled to their thoughts, good or bad. As an actor, you take the criticisms along with the raves. The interview was quite biased toward the  rampant viewer negativity toward the show.  Acknowledge both sides. Not everyone is going to like you. I’ve learned that.

I came of ‘Internet Age’ on the X Files granddaddy Official Site boards, and it sometimes became a version of the Darwin Awards. Or you became well on your way to becoming the Alien Autopsy of the Week. Survival of the fittest, or those who could come up with the best posts.  Or who didn’t get totally banned. A veritable free-for-all, in a more innocent Internet. A new frontier for discussions. The Internet is still the Wild West.

Mentioning the disrespect shown to his mother was odd, as well as mentioning that there was no need to ‘sell’ the show any more. Uh, yes, there is a need to ‘sell’ the show. It’s not particularly good and as an actor, that’s part of the job – marketing, marketing, marketing. Selling your show, being a  good team player. That’ll get you past cancellation and on to new projects. Respecting your fans and viewers, admitting that yes, some of the criticism may be true. I still wonder what happened to the days of actors signing non-discloure agreements.

But that’s enough ‘SGU’ for this week. I watched the ‘Entourage’ premiere on the weekend. It sat on the PVR for about a week.  I was too busy enjoying the outdoors all week. I pretty much gave up on the show about two years ago, and primarily watch it out of habit.  Finally pressed ‘play’ during lunch on Sunday. More of the same-old. Vincent Chase, I’m really not interested in you or your career any more. Or your friends. If it wasn’t for Jeremy Piven’s ‘Ari Gold’, I wouldn’t be watching.

Also saw that more music tours have been cut back/cancelled. Not enough interest. Not a surprise. Too much of a touring glut now. Prices have also been cut. Not a surprise either.  The ‘G&T’ (Greed and Technology) reunion tour continues.

Time to see if I’ve got rhythm.


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