No surface all feeling

I have an ant issue.

A friend has recommended the environmentally friendly cream-of-wheat solution. The ants feed on the cereal and uh, eventually spontaneously combust.  Dead insect carcasses everywhere! With the daily rain here, I will have a yard filled with porridge!  Christmas in July.  Snow of sorts, and not the hail variety that’ll melt in a few hours.  Ugh. The brutal clean-up. A bunch of dead, exploded ants to scoop up. And a yard filled with birds looking for a feast. Oh yes, getting past the demonic crows/ravens.  A scene right out a Hitchcock movie. Perhaps they’d eat the Spinal Tap-esque insects. There is always the option of digging up the ants til I find the Queen and then squish her. That’ll work.  I’d need to figure out which ant is the Queen. Maybe the can of Raid is the better idea.

I’m on holiday now  (for the next two weeks) and am looking for something to write about. My thoughts about ‘rudeness’ are still viable and am holding off on that entry. I also have issues with cyclists on sidewalks. I am sure it is very difficult to balance your drink and your iPod and steer with your knees on the road. Hence, using the sidewalk. Ugh, the residential road is empty, and so is the actual bike path. The pedestrians ‘walking’ don’t really deserve to be mowed down. Sorry, I really don’t have anywhere to jump. The bike path is across the street. Check it out and spend the $2 on a bell for your bike and learn the rules of the road. Amazing that there are some. Check ’em out so that they don’t, uh, fall on you. That would be tragic. And save the profanity. As a pedestrian, I really don’t have anywhere to uh, go. It gets tiring jumping for my life each day.  Please, let it rain or snow soon.

Someone also made off my with my lovely LED solar lights (red to green to blue) on the weekend. How low can people go? Taking solar lights from someone’s yard? I’ve heard about holiday decorations being Grinched but this? Come on.

Part of me wonders if my former neighbours from hell have figured out where I live.  Nah.

‘Dr. Who’ reached its penultimate episode of the season this past week in North America. ‘The Pandorica Opens’. Hmmmm. I did see part of the story coming. I thought that the Pandorica would be a trap for the new ‘Doctor’.  It was telegraphed quite nicely. And I was right. I am hoping that the intial ‘Prisoner Zero’ arc will be closed or at least acknowledged. The episode itself was good and interesting. Can’t wait for the season finale.

My stack of CDs awaits.  Right now, I am enjoying the silence. I took the packaging off the new arrivals. Maybe I’ll stick ’em on the iPod in  a week or two.

It’s not me though. Tuning out isn’t really my ‘thing’. I have my reasons.

‘Mad Men’ returns on the weekend. The new ‘Boardwalk Empire’ that’s coming in September intrigues me. I like the flapper area, I like Prohibition, I love the 20s. The previews remind me of ‘The Godfather Part 2’.

‘True Blood’ has been a bit uneven this season. Still haven’t figured out the ‘point’, such that it is. I’m sure it’s coming, but…. I’m struggling to get ‘in’ to the new season. I like vampires, I like werewolves. But something is… missing.

Til next week….


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