Something new, something blue

I’m recovering from my norovirus/food poisoning weekend episode. Oh my fun never ends.

‘Dr. Who’ wrapped up its season with ‘The Big Bang’. A bit complicated. And we, the viewers, were warned. Some of the season was wrapped up quite nicely, but a few lingering questions remain. I enjoyed watching a series that involved ‘thought’. Not a show that was cobbled together  in a let’s do an episode about A, B, and C. And hope the story hangs toward the end. No, the fifth ‘Dr. Who’ season was nicely planned. We got continuity in that Amy and Rory would return next season (not the pattern of the major cast change each season since 2005). We also got a tidy ending, along with the questions of who exactly is River Song, what did she mean when she spoke to the Doctor of what was to come, who was the mysterious voice (most likely the Doctor himself, as all of his enemies came together in ‘The Pandorica Opens’)? Who would the Doctor be most afraid of, except himself? Or perhaps a new, hitherto-unknown enemy. The ‘nerdy’ part of me was a bit bothered by the Doctor arranging to rescue himself (again). We saw that in the show about the Angels. The most beautiful moment was when Amy summoned the Tardis at her wedding (something old, something new, something borrowed, and something….. blue….)…. remembering the Doctor. It was also enchanting to see the Doctor as an old soul talking to little Amelia. I’ve come to enjoy Matt Smith’s portrayal. He brings a certain mid-life millenial crisis to the role as he’s learning to enjoy life again. Almost time to paint the Tardis a bright red. Looking forward to the new season. I’m a fairly new convert to ‘Dr. Who’, but am enjoying the trip down the rabbit hole.

‘Mad Men’ premiered on Sunday. Looks to be a promising season. More thoughts later.

I also managed to stay awake long enough Sunday evening to listen to the worldwide premiere of the Manic Street Preachers’ new single – straight from the UK – around 1 a.m. my time Monday morning. ‘(It’s not War) Just the End of Love’ isn’t officially released until September 13, and the album ‘Postcards from a Young Man’, won’t be released until September 20.

I read an article about the forthcoming album on the band’s website on the weekend. With the mention of ‘Lifeblood’, I was a bit apprehensive about the surprise that would come my way Monday morning/late Sunday night. But it’s been a funny year, surprise-wise for me. Lots of unexpected ones. And good ones.

The most joyous, upbeat Manics album intro. Ever. The return to bombast. Not the repugnant, but throw-you-against-the-wall and completely compelling ‘Yes’ from ‘The Holy Bible’ (1994). Not ‘Peeled Apples’ from ‘Journal for Plague Lovers’ (2009).  Not ‘Sleepflower’ from ‘Gold Against the Soul’ (1993). Beautiful strings, ‘melody is king’ sonic structure, excellent guitar work (just enough for the perfectly crafted pop song), a fantastic vocal performance from James Dean Bradfield. Great hooks, and the potential to be a massive commercial hit. Maybe it’ll be the Manics’ 3rd UK Number 1. Don’t know if it’ll be released in North America. I was singing along by the second listen.  Converted the rip to MP3 format for my iPod to tide me over til September. Lyrically weak in spots, but still a 4.3 out of 5, until I can hear the rest of the album and the context. Worth a listen. You can check out the radio rip at Youtube ( Probably not coming to a radio station near you. Do check it out. Some lyrics:

To feel forgiveness you gotta forgive
Do you see the stars or the darkness begin?
You fight your war, i’ll fight for my life
You pay your dues and i’ll pay mine

It’s not war, just the end of love
Just like before, but it’s never enough
It’s never enough

Should go back to my writing…. or something…..


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