Don’t cook your goose

A kids’ game from the 1970s. A plastic ‘pot’, a plastic ‘lid’ and a bunch of strange-looking plastic ‘geese’. Colour-coded, of course. The objective?  A competition between players whose objective was to skilfully place the geese on the lid and not have the lid collapse. When it does, game over. Nostalgia.

A balancing act.


Finding weird plastic geese all over the rug.

I also enjoyed ‘Ants in the Pants’. I actually got them in the ‘pants’. There was a system. It took childhood ingenuity. No, I did not throw them in to the ‘pants’. I also solved the Rubik’s Cube. Not only once, either.

Far simpler times.

The lid collapses and you pick up the pieces and play again til you get them all on the lid. Then it’s stalemate.

Mini-chess for the mini-mes.

Games that can be played in many variations.

Just like the adult ones.

With less stakes.

Life in plastic. It’s fantastic.

I’m in to run-ons lately. I love playing with words and sentences that don’t make sense. A word. Here. A. Word. There. Cramming words together in to. Nothing. Nonsensical. Stream of consciousness, but without the consciousness part. Too organized, too methodical.  The play’s the thing that catches the king. My cauldron is bubbling. Double, double, toil and trouble. The Shakespeare Code. I need to return to the Forbidden Planet. My Tempest. Captain Prospero needs to reverse polarity. I gotta get outta this place.

I’ve watched the first two episodes of ‘Mad Men’. This season, the story lens seems to be focused on ‘Who is Don Draper?’ The Dick Whitman facade has been pushed over to reveal the man behind the mask. Many masks. Stripping away of the ‘product’ that Dick Whitman created and has sold for many years. Interesting metastory. Don has crumbled. The facade of the happily family life complete with perfect wife and children (as advertised but with a reality that does not live up to the sales pitch) has turned in to a low-rent apartment and a life that looks far better in the shiny, bright, office. A man of ideas and creativity, but living in a prison – one of his own making/creation.  A man crumbling, needing to build his walls again, brick by brick. Interesting to see how the season continues.

‘True Blood’ has been a bit campy. Halfway through the season, and it still hasn’t really bitten me. Gratuitous fangs this year. It’s been summertime fluff, but reminds me of Season 1 so far, that wavered a bit til it picked up last half of the season. Maybe vampires are just going out of style and need to be put in their coffins for a bit of a rest.

I still haven’t seen the second episode of ‘Rubicon’. I really don’t know if I want to start another series. It’s August and the dog days of summer.  I feel like taking a break and watching…. nothing.

I still have lots of new things to listen to on my iPod. But I seem to be stuck at a few familiar choices. I’m waiting for stuff. And trying to get in to the mood to listen to other stuff. Like earworms but I just can’t push ‘play’ on the Pod.

Back at work now. There is a definite lack of afternoon naps.

And blowing bubbles.


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