You’re obsolete my baby

I’ve been feeling somewhat ‘out of time’ (Rolling Stones, around 1967?). Ruled by secrecy.

I plan to be a Timelord in one of my next lives.  ‘Timelady’ just doesn’t cut it.  Lacks a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’. It sounds like watch repair. The sands sifting through the hourglass would revolt.

I bought a laptop yesterday. Many hours of uploading software and sundry await.  Installing Final Draft is going to be a major pain. Time to find my Version 6, and then my Version 8 authorisation number. Good luck to me. The laptop is fast – much more so than my soon-to-be four-year-old desktop model. Next will be the iPad.

I missed last week’s meteor shower. Cloud and rain do not make for good viewing. It  rained on the evening of the fabulous recent Northern Lights show too.  There is a theme forming. Maybe November, when the Leonids hit.

Am almost caught up on the last five seasons of ‘Dr. Who’. My favourite episode so far is ‘Blink’ (about the weeping angels/statues). Very good storytelling and directing. The best ep of the current season was ‘Vincent and the Doctor’ (about Van Gogh).

Haven’t watched too much television the past week. Just the usuals. And my fluff ‘Warehouse 13’. We’re about two weeks behind here, so, I won’t be writing about it. I’m still on the fence with ‘Rubicon’. It’s all right, but…. maybe I’ll get more interested as it goes on. I am not compelled. Yet.

This week’s topic was going to include a paragraph about the possiblity of a new atom-smasher (another Hadron). Fortunately, it’s summer and my love of both theoretical astrophysics and quantum cosmology is taking a vacation. M-theory and 2D theory notwithstanding, no one would get past the first two sentences. And that’s pushing it. Poetic, almost. Being strung-up by string theory. Although attempting a linear collision to learn more about dark matter and the Universe’s formation is fascinating.

Still no real prospects for ‘album of the year’. Nothing has blown my mind yet. Am getting in to Biffy Clyro. Again, not a band that’s played here. Fall should bring in some good new discs. Granted, I’m still woefully behind on my CD pile. The discs are on the iPod. Just no desire to listen to them or the undivided time needed. Listened to some interviews and podcasts on Radio 6 (UK). Hopefully the fall concert season will bring in some good acts.  The summer concert glut should be over soon. The weather turns, the tours change.

The Manics have made ‘I’m leaving you for solitude’ (a B-side from the upcoming Postcards from a Young Man) available as a free download. You can find it at I like it. John Lennon/Beatles feel – reminiscent of ‘Instant Karma’ and ‘Hey Jude’. There is also an audio file of  the original demo of ‘The Girl From Tiger Bay’ on the band’s site, along with a Youtube audio file at Written for Dame Shirley Bassey. Lovely.  Amazing with a full orchestral accompaniment. Check it out.

It’s the dog days of summer and the summer has been one that went to the dogs. The local weather people do not get a biscuit. Not much heat, too much rain, too many mosquitoes. I’m already in the mood for fall stuff, especially boots, and anything leather. Studs too.  The post-punk princess wants punk to come back in. Actually, it’s never out of style. No, this isn’t a fashion blog.

Off to work on Act 1 of my personal X File….


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