Welcome to the new slave trade

No, this won’t be my review of the Manic Street Preachers’ new CD Postcards from a Young Man.  I’ll post it at the time of the CD’s official release on September 20th. Yes, I’ve listened to the ‘leak’ that came out last week.   A lovely and unexpected gift. A fantastic pick-me-up, just when I needed it. Postcards has been burning up my  iPod the past week. Yes, the CD itself  has been ordered and I expect to receive it late September or early October. Anything but a music ‘pirate’. Yo-ho-ho, and a great album.

Life has been semi-quiet, and I’ve really had nothing interesting to write. Maybe I have, but I second-guess myself. And really, I haven’t had the time. It’s been the dog days of summer, or in this place, a summer that never really arrived. Blah and rainy, and lots of mosquitoes.  Fall is in the air now. The trees are yellowing, it’s getting chilly. My sandals will have their last wears til the stilettos and boots kick in. Work has been busy. It’s all last-minute. I don’t how I pull it off, sometimes. It just  *happens*. Like clockwork. Sometimes I amaze myself.

My ‘date with fate’/personal ‘X File’ is coming up soon. A little apprehensive, a little excited. Not quite ‘Pusher’, not ‘Anusazi’, not quite ‘Small Potatoes’. A different kind of X File.

I love mysteries. It’s not Christie, or Marlowe. I like the final page and the resolution too. Not a ‘Whodunit?’.  And this is frustrating as the story has yet to be fully written. Oh yes, there is the INT. and the EXT. part. And the characters. Compelling, interesting. Worth watching and reading. But the story is unknown. A good story. Perhaps a love story. Twisted, brilliant, unexpected. Meet-cute, Hollywood-style, but not quite Hollywood.  Better. ‘Sleepless in Seattle’, only this isn’t Seattle. Perhaps 40s-style. But I am very much ahead of myself. I’m seeing ‘This is Spinal Tap’.

True Blood will end next week. A rather lacklustre season. It had its good points, but I wasn’t really impressed. Mad Men had a great episode on Sunday. Props to both Jon Hamm and Elisabeth Moss for Emmy-worthy performances. One of the best-written episodes of the series. Not a word wasted. TV worth watching. Fall season will be upon us soon. What will survive? What do I care about?

Short entry this week.  Back to my usual weekly posting schedule.


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