Isn’t it romantic

The 2010 TV season has begun.

I don’t know if I really want to get involved with a lot of TV this fall. I have other things on my mind. Maybe changing  my life.

I caught the reboot of ‘Hawaii Five-O’ this week. It’s okay. Might be worth a look. Wasn’t awful.

Watched ‘The Event’. Reminded me of ‘Lost’, and ’24’. I tend to not judge a show based on its pilot, but right now, I just don’t care.  None of the characters interested me. The story didn’t really interest be. I’m fatigued. I guess I don’t want to get involved with something complicated that won’t stick around. I’m fickle.  Been burned too many times. Maybe I have a lot on my mind. None of the characters interested me. The story doesn’t really interest me. Maybe I need a break from investing myself in…. something.

Caught the premiere of ‘Boardwalk Empire’. Very Scorsese. Do I want to continue? I don’t know. ‘Dexter’ premieres tomorrow. Now, that interests me. I like the dark. Definitely still the Princess of Darkness.

SGU starts again this week. Oh why oh why do I bother?

I really need to get back to ‘I am Purity’/’She Sells Sanctuary’. Unfortunately, life happens, and I’ve been distracted. My prog-rock piece is waiting.

Caught the season premiere of ‘Fringe’. Not enough Walter Bishop, even though he did inhabit two realities. Did like Olivia’s bangs. I do see what’s coming up. No, I’m not really surprised. C’mon show, do something.

Getting past the nasty bug I’ve been fighting for two weeks.

Working on my personal ‘X File’. Yes, this baby is plugging in.


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