My Plug-In Baby

My iPods are maps of the problematique.

Not exactly Stockholm Syndrome. Delusion, perhaps?

Canada’s Bill C-32 (that focuses on digital copyright) will probably fail. And the new iPod tax will live to see another day. Copyright’s a bitch. Illegal downloads? I’m sympathisising.

Running out of time.

I’d like to buy some music. Unfortunately I can’t. Copyright laws. This happy consumer is instead frustrated. I don’t like illegal.

But it’s a case of economics. Money is an object.

Frustration is….

This week’s installment was supposed to focus on gossip. But, that’s been postponed. The diatribe has been partly written. But when it’s about you, it’s time to stop. And think.  And carefully consider. A delicate balancing act. The gossip content itself isn’t offensive.  My life must be so interesting. Small people living small lives. It’s who the people are.

Bill C-32  (the iPod tax) is still on the chopping block. Digital piracy. Yo ho ho and an illegal download. Yes, the Greed and Technology tour carries on.  The sequel. The music biz in free fall. Not many sell-outs, but it’s still early. For round two, anyway. The music biz has been in trouble for a long time. Lacklusture concert sales, lacklustre CD sales.

Really, there isn’t much to buy. Stop the sell-outs. The inane crap.

Bill C-32 will let me keep taping my favourite TV programs. By the time it gets to third reading at Canadian Parliament, an election will probably be called. And it’ll die.

If passed, the bill would legalise several well-established happy consumer preferences – permitting TV timeshifts, backup copies of CDs and DVDs, and formally shift anything legally acquired. But it slams against digital locks.

I like to timeshift. No, the TV hour isn’t a regular visit to my home. I don’t plan my life to be home at 9 pm for X show.

Copyright for non-commercial purposes? Creative artists are concerned. Complicated ligitation. ISP levies? Distributing funds in a ‘fair’ way? The Europeans are moving to such a direction.

An iPod tax is pretty dumb. Music downloading is a grey area. I know that I’d be happy to buy music, if I could. Geographic copyright restrictions makes it almost impossible. Halloween is the target date for the new Canadian copyright bill. Ah well, the treat will be a trick. 

Cheap, small (and getting smaller) chocolate overload.  What’s legal or not will most likely not stop people. Half-price chocolate the next day might. After all, it’s the Christmas season coming up. The Halloween stuff needs to be cleared out.

In Facebook news this week, in a move designed to bolster is public image and counter criticism of its privacy policies, Facebook will now allow users to download all of their data off the site – personal data, photos, notes, and messages. Following in the footseps of other tech companies, including Google.

Don’t Be Evil.

Just be corporate.

Just not when it comes to anti-competitive behaviour.

Facebook is also introducing algorithms to cluster  users’ friends based on their social circles. More updates from close friends than from acquaintances. Novel concept.

My screams are camouflagued.

All I make is entertainment.

So post-modern, so post-everything.

A sad indictment.

The grand delusion.

But that’s just the beginning.


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