Red, Hot and Blue

I’m in my 40s phase. Nothing to do with age. I love the 40s. The style, the movies, Dior’s New Look.

Been listening to Cole Porter lately. Some big-band stuff too. I go through phases where I need something… different. Not much that I like on the radio now. Just junk.

Yes, it’s not the post-punk Princess. No studs, no chains. Pity.

I’m on the fourth rewrite of *the* story. Debating on publishing it. Debating on whether to use a riddle versus the name.

The Manics didn’t work out concert-wise. Again. Something told me to not go to London in October. It’s been like that twice this year. First, the King Tut’s show in Scotland back in February. The current tour. The lead vocalist is ill. Acute laryngitis. Both London gigs, has been rescheduled for January. A late birthday present for me, perhaps. Am still waiting on rumoured news of spring North American dates. January in London beats January here, but not by much. However, Christmas did come early for me Manics-wise. Some rarities I thought I’d never get made their way to me in early October, including the much talked-about ‘Patrick Bateman’. Thank you to a very lovely member of the Manics fansite.

Read yesterday that ‘Caprica’ has been cancelled. Not surprising, really. The morality play has been interesting but painfully slow. Factor in a multi-month hiatus between half-seasons, and and even more slow return. Little to no momentum to carry it to the new night either. My favourite snark, ‘SGU’, is also facing rumoured cancellation. It was given two years. It’s likely the series will turn into ‘Enterprise’ – which killed off the TV ‘Star Trek’ franchise. More of the joyless hapless horde. Twenty-three episodes in to the series and I still don’t care about the characters. Oh, can’t an alien plant eat one of them? Time for a rest, Stargate. Come back in a few years with new creative blood.

Both ‘Rubicon’ and ‘Mad Men’ finished their seasons the other week. I only really got in to ‘Rubicon’ the last couple of episodes. Again, I didn’t care until then. The season and possible series finale featured a lovely ‘The Mulder Problem’ aside.  ‘Mad Men’ ended disappointingly. The use of Sonny and Cher’s ‘I Got You Babe’ nicely tied in a ‘Groundhog Day’ reference. Don Draper will be repeating history. Still have no idea what Megan’s purpose is. No character defninition for her. Strange as the writing has been otherwise meticulous.

I’m struggling with ‘Boardwalk Empire’. Maybe I’m just not in to investing heavily in any television this season. I need a fluff break. The only new show I’ve stuck with so far has been ‘Hawaii Five-O’. Fun stuff. Good characterisation and the cast just gives it.

The year is almost over and it’s been an interesting year.

Writing-wise, some projects are still on the go and there are some others that I’m looking forward to next year. 

Life (or doormat syndrome and everyone else’s problems) will return again next week. It’s been lovely to turn the phone off and be unavailable for the past few days.  A nice vacation. Maybe I can keep it up.


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  1. Red, Hot and Blue…

    I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

  2. Red, Hot and Blue « hookline and thinker…

    Here at World Spinner we are debating the same thing……

  3. Prequels are a tough sell. The viewer already knows the ending. Star Wars Episodes 1 through 3 set the bar for epic fail. BSG itself was uneven, especially Season 3.

    No guarantee that the original show’s audience will flock to the new show. Sci-fi fans are fiercely intelligent and loyal. And have very good memories.

    A popular franchise/the show’s brand does help to bring the viewer to the premiere, but that’s about all. The writers and showrunners need to court the audience from the teaser. It’s also about telling a good story and not just making a buck because it happened in the past. Lightning doesn’t always strike twice.

    The writing was probably on the wall for the first half of Season 1. Better pacing may have helped.

    And now there is a new spinoff – Blood and Chrome. More ‘space battles’. Attracting the male demographic. Women do make up a large chunk of the sci-fi audience. And tend to be the ones online.

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