The chase is on

Well, it’s been an interesting week.

My Internet Modem died on Monday. I’m good at tech support.   I can fix things.  Play with things. The red light on the modem was not good.  It lasted about three years. The old modem, maybe six. Three or four days without the Web was lovely, actually. I got to work on some writing stuff without being unnecessarily distracted. X Files 3 is on my mind. Maybe you’ll get an image soon. I’d like to reboot the series. I have some ideas. Good ones.

Canadian viewers will be seeing the final five eps of ‘Caprica’ before they air on the US SyFy Network sometime in 2011. I saw the one on Tuesday, and something *finally* happened.  I saw the writing on the wall during the first chunk of the first season. I wasn’t expecting a renewal. Too slow, too plodding, too adult, too…. boring.

‘Stargate: Universe’ made the news this week. Some comments by creator and showrunner Brad Wright about wanting people to watch the show.…shing-universe/

Amazing that 250 people on the board have *that* much power. No, Mr. Wright, people who liked ‘Stargate: Atlantis’ do not go around to people’s homes and remove SGU from their DVR settings. Of course, it would be doing people a favour, but, I really do have a life.  I liked  ‘Stargate: Atlantis’. I looked forward to the proposed dark and edgy ‘Stargate: Universe’.  It hasn’t delivered. You don’t build a field and expect people to come. SGU isn’t a ‘Field of Dreams’. More of a sci-fi nightmare, actually. You need to court your audience. You can’t rely on the old Stargate crowd.  Sci-fi fans have very long memories. There are a lot of entertainment options around. Your wanting me around on a Friday night or whenever I watch my DVR recording isn’t always possible. Your immature tiff with Mo Ryan from the Chicago Tribune  last season didn’t sell me on the show, either. I’ve given it several chances. 25 episodes in and I still don’t care.  It’s dark, it’s uninteresting, the characters are unlikeable. Where’s the humour to balance the show? And now, begging viewers to watch?  Sorry. It has nothing to do with airdate. It’s the pathetic product. Canadians don’t get the Tuesday airing. Bad night, really. I do like to snark. But lately, I don’t have the energy. Last week’s show was all right, but I still don’t care. Nothing exactly happened. Twenty-five hours in, and I expect to know what ‘Destiny’ is, where it’s going, and why I should watch. Except for the snark-value. Snark is good.

‘Sanctuary’ has now moved to my sci-fi show of the season. Intelligent, fun, dark at times, and interesting. And enjoyable. Not too light, not too heavy. Fun, fun, fun. And daddy hasn’t taken the T-Bird away.  Four episodes in, and I can’t wait til next week’s episode. The heir-apparent to the enjoyable ‘Stargate’.

Canada’s Bill C-32 (the copyright bill) is dead on arrival. Not unexpected. No one wants an iPod tax. The digital rights area is still murky. Happy consumers can still timeshift  their TV pleasures and upload their music on to multiple iPods.  On to the next session of Parliament, where it wil be raised and defeated… again.

Still deciding whether to name the name or do the riddle….


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  1. A year before SGU aired there were serious grumblings from their fans about the direction Wright/Cooper/Mallozi/Binder were steering their Atlantis follow-on show. Instead of listening to fan input and test screening the new show they chose to take a dictatorial “eat yer spinach it’s good for you” attitude towards the same people that opened their DVD wallets and made Stargate a first class sci-fi show that it was.

    Very few shows infuriate their fans so much that they warrant a “you suck” site in response. And remember is a genuine fansite. They are not beholden to any of TPTB like others are. No money changes hands. There are even a few verified PhDs there, not exactly the teenagers in mom’s basement the producers have alluded to.

    There have been long indictments written in the scifinow link you discussed. It’s too bad that it’s taken sub-million episodes to finally stir the powers that be out of their narcosis and finally pay attention to their fans. Or rather, current lack of them.

    • I was well aware of the grumblings, especially from those of us on the Television Without Pity board. A far better idea would have been an initial miniseries. See how it does. The show was greenlit in the old economy. Keep in mind that you’re also dealing with the Stargate ‘brand’, which has made tons of money for MGM. The creators of SGU would have been basically given a pass to develop a new show. Showrunners and creatives don’t always listen to fan input. Well, they do, but don’t necessarily use it. Constructive criticism is challenging. They are past the stage when they wrote for themselves – a good writer knows that he or she is the audience member.

      There was a similar discussion back in the old X Files days. History does tend to repeat itself. Showrunners know that within minutes of a show’s closing credits, they can go online to see what the viewers thought of the show. With Twitter now, it’s probably faster. Instant feedback. A very small percentage of a show’s viewers will go to an online messageboard.

      I don’t know about the ‘stirring’ of the powers.

      There is a lot more going on than is being told.

      The Great Unwashed, i.e. the fans, are used all the time for particular ‘plays’, agendas, etc. No guarantee that fan support will get any ‘Atlantis’ movies. C’mon. I didn’t fall off the remote the other day.

      I’m just curious to see how this all plays out.

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