The Big Bang

No, it’s not string theory. Or the ToE. No, not Hawking.

Nothing about failing the sex revolution.

It’s complicated.

So, ‘Stargate: Universe’ aired in the US on Tuesday. Canadians got ‘Caprica’ instead. I almost slept through ‘The Dirteaters’. Three eps to go before the series ends. November 30th. ‘SGU’ airs here on Friday.

Here’s hoping that my DVR works. It’s been having issues.

I like spoilers. I can’t help myself from reading.

TVbythenumbers ( reports that ‘SGU’ held steady this week. The same 0.4 18-49 audience. One step closer to cancellation. Or the burning off of Season 2.5.  Perhaps a direct-to-DVD release. Rumours I’ve read are that it’s approaching the realm of ‘Star Trek V’. C’mon. We all know that the even-numbered Star Trek movies were the better ones.

I commented on Joe Mallozzi’s November 6 blog entry.

Deja vu and then some.  And no, people don’t set up particular websites because in some strange or perverted way, they love the show. Nope, SGU hasn’t become part of my daily life. Except in a weird train-wreck sort of way. And no, the audience isn’t out there. Unlike Fox Mulder, I’m not part of the basement-confined home of the FBI’s most unwanted. Very un-Casablanca-like of “we’ll always have Paris”. Nope, not Bogie and Bergman. Play it again? I could barely handle it the first time. I’ll pass.

And I’m not exactly part of the Great Unwashed. I hardly believe that my support of ‘SGU’ will result in future movies, much less one involving ‘Stargate: Atlantis’. Sorry. I’m not American, so any show ratings don’t really count.  I liked ‘Atlantis’ but saw that it was ending. Been there, done that, heard that. Show me the movie. Or not.

Admit that ‘SGU’ was a failure.

Time to recharge the franchise. Lots of gates to unexplored planets still exist.

Show me a wonder.


~ by hooklineandthinker on November 11, 2010.

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