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No Valerie Solanas in this post. Some other time.

By your command.

I’ve been plagued by a ‘sonic’ itch this week. Repitune, musical wedgie, the demonic song from Hell. Which really wasn’t a bad song. Just 14 hours of it running through my mind – um, I’d like to take that earworm and dissect it. The Wrath of Khan would be the Wrath of Me.

‘Plug In Baby’ couldn’t unplug fast enough. Fourteen hours straight of the initial screech and chorus running through my aural cortex. No clue as to ‘why’. Sonic Hell. Any other replacement earworm didn’t do anything, except give me a fifteen-minute respite. A valiant effort.  Of course, it couldn’t have been the ‘Macarena’, or ‘Barbie Girl’.

Perhaps it’s time for some musical celibacy. I blasted and sang the tune out on my treadmill. Haven’t heard it for a while. Not in any rush to hear it again, at least not at the moment.

‘Caprica’ is now down to its two final episodes. The little morality play that didn’t will come to an end in about two weeks. And on January 4th, 2011, in the US. The series will end with the aptly-titled ‘Apotheosis’. With focus, a shorter break within half-seasons, and some plot movement, the series may have worked.  I did like the nice touch of going back to the original campy ‘Battlestar’  and having the Cylon say ‘by your command’.  Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto.  I am the modern man, secret, secret.

We will now move on to ‘Blood and Chrome’ with more space battles. Oh yes, that’ll bring in an audience.  BSG Round Three. Focus on a good story and not capitalise on the ‘Galactica’ franchise goodwill. You can’t build something that will bring in an expected audience. The TV business model doesn’t work that way any more.  Take ‘Stargate: Universe’ as an example.

SGU is still holding steady ratings-wise.  This week, a 0.4 ranking in the prime demographic. The move to a US Tuesday night airing is currently blamed. Fans have been blamed. For not watching. For boycotting the show over ill will because of ‘Stargate Atlantis’ (the show’s predecessor).  Of course, that’s the easiest solution. Blame the fans when people aren’t watching. Uh, people did check out the show. It’s dull, literally dark, filled with unlikeable characters. No plot movement, no purpose, no real reason to watch. It’s not ‘Battlestar Galactica’. It’s just poorly done.

But it looks like someone has said something to the creative powers that be. The show has been changing.

This week’s ep, ‘Malice’, should have been a mid-to-late Season 1 episode. I do wonder if the showrunners were asked to ‘bump-up’ the show this season. Network/financial pressure, whatever.

I normally look forward to a Robert C. Cooper written-and-directed by episode. Cooper has an interesting and sophisticated visual style. There’s always a little treat in store for the audience. One of the few people on the Stargate creative team that does things a little differently and with some flair. Not too much visual ‘style’ in this ep. I did like the SGA ‘Vegas’ ep. Well done. This ep had some nice shots and some neat effects. I’m a purist. Being a visual storyteller, I look at the story and the visual framing. It also made more sense story-wise as emotions were earned. Some of the lines worked well, and the ep had more of a sense of ‘balance’. The dark had a bit of humour. The dinosaur-like creatures did seem a bit incongruous in the desert-like environment. Something more lush and tropical would have been a better choice. The characters finally resonated. There was actually a sense of ‘danger’ as well as the seeds of starting to ‘care’ about a character or two. Almost 1.5 seasons in, unacceptable.

‘Fringe’ aired its best episode-to-date this week. A bit more personal than most, which kept me interested. For the past few eps, it’s been a case of ‘Fringe’ achieving a new milestone – being boring in two universes at the same time.

‘Boardwalk Empire’ is finally getting interesting as it moves to its first-season conclusion. I’ve been off-and-on about the series.

‘Human Target’ premiered its second season this week. I’m not happy with the new music. The original score resonated very well. Not sold on the two new ‘female’ characters. No, it’s not a show that needs them. I’m a big fan of the male ‘buddy’ show. Jackie Earle Haley (from ‘Watchmen’)  still is marvelous as the enigmatic, creepy Guerrero. Bravo.

‘Sanctuary’ had another fun episode this evening. The charming, charistmatic Nikola Tesla returned. Jonathan Young has a talent for selling anything he is in. Delightful. The male eye candy wasn’t too shabby either. Wasn’t too enthused about the ‘werewolf’ story. My idea was a bit darker and better. The CGI  werewolf was a bit.. badly done.

‘Dexter’ still is weaker than last season. The intro of Jonny Lee Miller as one of the villains has increased my interest in the season’s outcome.  And wondering if Dex will finally become ‘suspicious’ and unglued. And that Quinn will figure things out. Time is running out.

Who’s responsible?


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