EXT. NIGHT. 11:21 PM.

Somewhere in the Arizona desert. Joshua trees, cacti, rocks line an empty road. Stars shimmer across a blue-black sky. We see the constellation Perseus. The moon is at quarter-crescent. A late-model vehicle’s headlights dim, the vehicle stops, and a man climbs out from the driver’s side. Key is left in the ignition. Miguel Fernandez isn’t feeling well and is nauseous. He seeks the cool night desert air for relief.

Camera closes on Miguel. Something black runs down his eyes. An oily film. He is unaware. He feels something run down his body, as though it is changing, without warning.


He vomits and then looks at his body. Which is morphing. He doesn’t understand. The infection rapidly consumes him.

Talons shred his skin from within. They poke through the chest area on his body, ripping flesh. Blood courses. We see the ribcage and a brief view of internal organs. Miguel tries to scream, but is unable. A clawed foot pokes out. It reaches its way to the ground. It tentatively stands, unused to solid ground. Wet, scaly, reptilian. An amniotic-like dark, oily fluid pours on to the ground. Miguel appears to be ‘hatching’.

More of the creature’s body finds its way out of its host. It is a typical ‘grey’ alien. Small frame, large head and eyes. Miguel then dies. The new life form looks coldly at his ‘host’. The decimated corpse, hollowed out body. The creature is cold, and it is not used to the night air, or the darkness. It struggles to breathe. It then feeds on Miguel, ripping more skin and flesh.  Tearing at his visage. Consuming skin, bone. A rite of passage, an establishing of the New Order.

The creature wails in to the night air. Cold, unearthly.

It walks through Miguel’s remains, smashing his ribcage.

The first image of Starchild Odyssey.

Expected date of birth/colonisation: Summer 2011.


~ by hooklineandthinker on November 22, 2010.

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