Yours Truly, 2095

I sent a message to another time.

As the days uwind, this I just can’t believe. Time seems to speed up when one has a few days off.

Timey-wimey, bubbly abstract. Much like the annual New Year’s Veuve Clicquot champagne.   Happy New Year. Moving on a straight line.

But I digress.

‘Dr. Who’ aired its annual holiday special this week. ‘A Christmas Carol’. Many holiday movies rolled in to one, complete with a monster. Well, a giant shark. And the human monster of abuse and lack of heart. Rewriting time.  No Mount Crumpet and the Grinch’s heart growing three sizes in a day. Just snow. It had its moments and it was the most Christmas-y holiday special to date. No Cybermen, no Daleks. I was impressed with Michael Gambon’s performance. Matt Smith held his own as the quirky, and increasingly weird Doctor. The Christmas tree fascination as well as ‘does one talk to a girl if she is crying’  made me chuckle. Such innocence is rare.

I caught up on the series this past week during the holiday specials marathon. I had missed a couple. Mainly ‘The Waters of Mars’ and ‘The End of Time’.  Looking forward to spring 2011’s Series 6. I hope that Steven Moffat now has the show under control. As much as I enjoyed last year’s series (except for the few dud eps in the middle), I still have a few doubts about Moffat as a showrunner. His indivdual episodes are good, but not all writers/storytellers are showrunners. It’s a different skillset.  I still wonder what Amy’s motivation is.  It should have been clear within the first couple of episodes. The pieces are there but not in place. Seeing the past few seasons in a compressed/marathon type form showed Davies’ brilliance as a showrunner. I’m hoping that the new series will bring Moffat to that level. And perhaps we’ll see the rumoured ‘Omega’ as villain.

‘Sanctuary’ finished its half-season just before the holidays. Stronger than Season 2. The Hollow Earth storyline has potential. Interesting to see how it all plays out in the spring. The problem with the split season. Too long of a break. Still one of the freshest shows on television.

‘V’ returns next week. I believe that ‘Red Rain’ is the title of the first episode. I’m hoping that the second season doesn’t fall apart. A very shaky first season with storylines that went nowhere fast. A potentially good allegory that just didn’t click. I don’t know if it was the showrunner change in midseason or just poor plotting. The preview for the season shows Jane Badler – perhaps a return of the delicious Diana. I still prefer the original miniseries and series.

Not much I’m looking forward to in the second ‘season’. Both ‘Lost’ and ’24’ have ended. I do miss ‘White Collar’. Yeah, a simple procedural.

Few new shows have caught my attention or my investment as a viewer. It’s just me taking a break from getting invested in anything this season.

I do plan to check out ‘Todd and the Book of Pure Evil’ during its marathon day next week. Stupid, somewhat demented, and possibly up my alley. It’s doubtful that any US network will pick it up. The Evil Dead, done Archie-style.

Time for me to get off my little holiday ‘break’.  No more chocolates. Except for one or two per day. I have been working out most of my break so far. I do need to make some progress on some of my projects. My little prog-rock piece is still stalled. Mainly a format issue. I feel a bit… unplugged.

Time for time to rearrange….


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