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Happy 2011 to all my readers. May your dreams come true and your resolutions do their thing. Thank you for reading. And for your comments.

A content warning. My first.

I like to keep things ‘clean’. Nothing remotely prudish or anything. Writing for ‘shock value’ is not my thing.  The use of sexually explicit content is healthy and normal.  I’m open to many things (and possibly surprisingly so, or not) and do express them in an appropriate manner.  And in an appropriate venue. The Web can be an interesting place. Things written can’t always be easily removed.  Not quite like DeMille’s ‘The Ten Commandments’, where anything dealing with Moses can be obliterated from stone. It’s a taste level for me.  I can be very ‘dirty’.  Part of who I am. No apologies.

And no, you won’t normally see it in any of my entries here. I do take in to account that some of my readers may be quite young.

So, it’s another year. 2011. The build-up to the Mayan calendar’s 2012. Mostly overrated. Doomed to more bad movies about 2012, but that’s about it.

Although the year did start off quite interestingly with the mystery of the dead black birds.

Have caught up with ‘Todd and the Book of Pure Evil’.  I still haven’t determined the prime audience demographic.  A bit too adult for the average teen.  But a possibility. Stupid, yes. Very silly.  ‘Todd and the Book of Pure Evil’ is a horror-com. An interesting commentary on the modern teen experience – Goths, sexual stereotypes, being okay to be ‘gay’, teenage pregnancy pacts, eating disorders, alienation, bullying, inadequacy. Learning/discovering one’s sexual identity. Finding a place in the world.  It’s okay to be who you are.  Lots of penis jokes. Kinda juvenile, to a point.  But that is the point.  The gross-outs. The show’s internal logic. The ‘cock’ monster. Literally so. A penis with teeth. And then some.  A very large penis. Scary, really.  More a bad prosthetic. The penis as ‘monster’. Anything but. Teen insecurities.  But with a slightly demented twist.

The show is set in a Satanist town.   Run by a red-cloaked cabal of sorts that resides in a retirement home. No one seems to know about this or investigates it, except for our hapless heroes: Todd (mainly an irredeemable slacker/stoner type who dreams of being a metal music  guitar god, complete with band ‘Barbarian Apocalypse’. Perhaps metal is making a comeback in terms of high school ‘cool’.  Not particularly talented, until the Book takes over, and grants him his wish of amazing guitar-playing ability in a guitar battle scene that is beyond hilarious, and replete with the audience bleeding); Curtis, his best friend; Jenny, the quintessential ‘hot’ girl of Todd’s dreams; and Hannah, the science geek.  Jenny’s father went missing a year ago, and she has tied his disappearance to the  resurfacing of the Book of Pure Evil, and hence Todd. Where the book goes, Todd is sure to follow and Jenny will eventually find out what happened to her dad.

Each week, the book flies around, looking for a new victim to exploit his wish and then kill.

Not a TV program for everyone. Good fun, but not clean. 

Running gags galore. A show that hits the ground running.  Edgy. A high school with a huge body count. The paramedics parked nearby. Todd learning to drive, killing a car, its owners thinking they should exit the car before it explodes. Exploding organs/body parts/students/teachers. A creepy guidance counsellor.  Teachers expecting to not see some students the next day. Good gore, well-placed  and executed student deaths. Mainly a little morality play on a teen issue each episode. A drama queen with a silver tongue getting a severed tongue.  A bit of karmic justice of sorts. A staging of a heavy metal musical with a staggeringly high body count. All the world’s a stage. Until the cast is down to three, including the guidance counsellor who wrote and directed the musical. Satanic of course (standard metal). Rock and roll zombies replacing parents. Members of the student victim’s favourite rock band. Demented, really. Eating visitors to the home. Half-eaten body parts in the basement. A teen’s fantasy. Until the book entry/spell is erased, along with student. Good music too. See for a playlist.  I still don’t quite get the three muses of sorts that seem to help Todd out.  They haven’t really been fleshed out. A thumbs-up from me. For the hilarity alone. Low-budget but entertaining. And hysterically so, in spots. A nice little Canadian gem. You can find it on Space (Canada’s sci-fi station (, and iTunes Canada.

‘V’ premiered its second season this week. A show on ‘the bubble’. Lowish ratings, but holding its own. I had hoped that Tyler would have actually died and given the show some resonance and some heart. Alas, nothing but a dream sequence. Unfortunate, as it would have given Erica some soul and some emotional investment in the story. I like interesting and unexpected ‘creative’ decisions. Killing Tyler would have given some human and emotional impetus to the show.  And given a major hit to the program’s emotional resonance. A good creative decision  that didnt’ happen. I hope that there is more to that storyline than what played out. Elizabeth Mitchell is a good actress and deserves writing that matches her calibre. I enjoyed ‘Anna’s’ bitch-slap to her minions. The ‘mommy’ theme was quite clear, replete with Anna meeting up with mommy ‘Diana’ at the end. ‘V’ currently sits on the ‘bubble’. Not a good place.

Well on its way to meeting “SGU” to its cancellation…. But ‘U’ does come before ‘V’.


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