Ransom Note

Computer One, I’d like to ask a question please.

Is this where I went wrong?

Binary glowed amazed annoyed and diffused.

Bruised. Untethered.

Crushed, I cry.

Defragmented frozen corrupted.


Broken mirrors. Shards. Stitches and wounds. Blind affinity.  Images reeling. False reflections somehow unreal.  No fragrance.  No thought clutter. An escort of no meaning.

Weighed down, I smile.

Draw a perfect circle. Figure Eight. Infinity.

No ordinary venue. 

I’ve stopped screaming.

The Golden Era. Oblivion bathed acid red.

I trespass my torments. Crude political assault. Battleground. The imperfect tense. Scheming, intriguing.  A little flesh, a little history.


Tantrums, dramas, dirty tricks.

For sale.

Difficult times.Easily rewritten.

How straightforward the game.

Wanting far too much for far too long.

Now disinfected.

What’s going on around me is barely making sense.

I could have played it differently.

Eloquent. Bruised. Dissolved.

Glowed. Discerned. Formed.

I’m Error 404. File not found.  Google me not.

Virus. Infection. Quarantine. Do nothing. Ignore.


I lacquer Humpty Dumpty.  



Suicide blonde.

Who’s your real partner?

A protagonist short of an idyllic, well-produced scene.

I hit Ctrl-Alt-Del.

Etch-a-Sketch reset.

Clean drawing board. From square one.

The game of chess. One played with many variations.  Like the game of love. We go on pretending. Stories like ours have happy endings.

Pieces rearranged.

Wrecked the grand design.

I’ve been misquoted.

Still discontented.

All they want is a show.

I feel I haven’t won at all.

Religion plus finesse. A battleground for rival ideologies.

Thought destroyed.


Time flies.

Dreams become great expectations.

The game that started by mistake.

One more complication.

Chasing the spurious starlight.

The answer is not on the screen.

Where did it all go wrong?

Does it really matter?


~ by hooklineandthinker on January 16, 2011.

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  1. I am confused. This is a good thing. What was I saying?

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