Alien Orders/Invisible Armies

I’ve clenched my paranoia.

North American TV Season 1.2.

I can’t be poisoned and you will not make me cry.

But I do control the remote.

Am I making sense? Hardly my ‘descent’.

‘V’ remains on the ‘bubble’.  The past couple of episodes’ gore may not be working. It may join ‘Stargate: Universe’ in cancellation-land. I don’t know if the series’ search for the human ‘soul’ is working. Yeah, I see the CGI. But, I dunno. It seems… silly.

I like the dark. Not dusk.

I believe in style.

Not a fashion ‘nightmare’.

‘Stargate: Universe’: the show that will not die. More rumblings of more…… alienation and despair. Perhaps more spin. For the great unwashed. A TV movie to ‘wrap things up’? Luxury. Three eps and you’re out. The TV world. So cut-throat.

C’mon show, die.

The city of delusion. Concealing the vacancy.

It’s not a galaxy far, far away.

Falling to thunderous applause.

No, I don’t know the new frontier.

I border on my parody.

I’d like to hope that ‘Galactica: Blood and Chrome’ will raise the bar for TV sci-fi. Nah, it’ll just be more…. of… the same.

 Capitalise on what’s been seen and done.

Whatcha got that I want to see?

Sci-fi seems out of vogue.

Far too dark.

Adventure, excitement. Not in the post-modern world.

Modern times. I preferred ‘City Lights’. The tramp. The rise of the talkie. Removing the rose-coloured glasses.

A lonely fellow, always hopeful of romance and adventure.

Complexity isn’t truth.

More like the lost paradise.

We think too much and feel too little. (Chaplin, My Autobiography, p. 394).

Thinking is a dangerous pastime.

A distorted mise-en-scene.

The disturbingly mobile camera.


The fantastic, the macabre, the mysterious,  the strangling terror of the dark.

Silence: the most profound eloquence.

Deranged composition.

Glamour consists of the chiaroscuro. Vacancy. Composition.  Mysterious shadows.  A fleeting moment of grace. The landscape of nothingness.

Long, slow, lingering dissolves.

Fade out.

Stillness reflecting emptiness.

I’m taking lessons as fast as I can.

The lost paradise.

An expressive visual pattern.

I let my fantasies enjoy me.

We’re all in our own private traps.

A lurking nostalgia for evil.

I’ll buy you a new mirror. It’ll be your consceience.


~ by hooklineandthinker on February 5, 2011.

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