Subterranean homesick alien

It’s happened again.

The snowbank/mountain range outside my front door is taller than me. It needs a flag. Or something.  The local jackrabbit hasn’t done his usual footprint-art on the fresh snow.  Maybe the pile is now too high for him. Actually it needs to melt.  A day higher than -30C would be nice. Well, there is the one day break.  When it rains. And then mini-Siberia returns for another week of cold, snow, and more cold. Such is the winter of discontent.  Global warming?  The almost-daily snow shovel shuffle is wearying.  Yes, the arm muscle tone is good now. 

I am battling treadmill fatigue. The black running belt to absolutely nowhere.  I need new music for my iPod workout. My current prog-rock selections are near the end of the line. Old music friends long forgotten and dusty on the CD shelf.  Some musical early loves. I’m on a music break from some of the other stuff that I’ve overplayed. Or were unfortunate earworms.

I’m still waiting to get more tools for my new at-work Sandbox. It’s sandy but lacking shovels and pails to have some good fun. Not really beach-like either. But I digress.

The space shuttle Discovery is on its final days of its last mission. It’s gonna be a long long time. Goodbye, Rocketman. No laps around the sun. I do mourn this Adonais and will gather a few laurel leaves.

I caught a few minutes of the PBS ‘Les Miserables’ 25th Anniversary concert.  The annual winter pledge drive. None of the cast intrigued me (it’s unfortunate that the original cast was not brought back). Neither did the show’s 4 hour running time. Even the East Coast feed. I do like timeshift.

TV’s February sweeps are over and many shows are on ‘hiatus’ til April, when they return to run off the last few eps of the 2010-11 season.

I have missed ‘Lost’ and ’24’. All good things must end.

I’ve been catching ‘The Chicago Code’. Created by Shawn Ryan, who created the marvellous ‘The Shield’. I’m still mixed on TCC. It still doesn’t have the resonance of ‘The Shield’ and the characters aren’t yet compelling.  It’s a slow one.  I’ll give it another couple of episodes.

‘V’ is winding down to the end of its second (and probably last) season. I’ve enjoyed Jane Badler (who played the alien villainess Diana back in the late 1970s), but the second season has only slightly improved on the shaky first season.  A change in showrunners did not help. The human soul plotline seems silly. There has been more gore and violence  the past few episodes, but the human stakes have still been low.  Only one ‘Resistance’/Fifth Column on the entire planet? Not all that believable.  Little charm and humour.  The rat-swallowing scene notwithstanding and a good nod to the original miniseries and series. The ‘mother’ theme running throughout seems a bit wasted. Just a so-so executed retread.  Invasion just isn’t what it used to be.  The aliens are slipping. Maybe they’ve seen too many bad Earth-produced sci-fi movies.

And speaking of bad, ‘Stargate Universe’ returns this week. And will burn off its final 10 episodes. I’d almost forgotten what happened in the season’s first ten episodes. Split seasons do not work to retain viewer interest.  Initial reviews for the first three episodes show some promise of what SGU should have been in its first season. Too late for a show to ‘find’ itself a season and a half in. The audience left a long time ago. To another galaxy. Far away.  SGU may be remembered as the show in which the fans’ /viewers’ voice was actually heard.  The online negative response set an interesting and ultimately valuable precedent. Social media played a significant role.  Back in the 1990s, ‘The X Files’ had one of the first online communities/social networks of sorts. More infant to today’s more sophisticated toddler.  Clunky. Growing pains. Perhaps there will be a movie to tie up the series, perhaps not. For the first time in about 15 years, there will be no ‘Stargate’ series for the fall of 2011.  The gate will be closed. The franchise needs a rest. A reimagining. Find the sense of adventure and wonder again. Reopen the 9th Chevron.

Take me to the spaceship races.


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