I Know the Numbers

You’re obsolete my baby, my poor old fashioned baby….*

Out of time.

Well I do have spring fever. I can’t wait to get outside.  It finally warmed up to the 0C/32F mark. I did about 30 miles this weekend. A marathon and a half, almost. Not great walking conditions with  snow/ice/small lake conditions. A good melt for a week or two should clear up the sidewalks. I should see if my knees can handle running and maybe do something productive – like train for a half-marathon.  Walking/power-walking the distance isn’t an issue.  Very easy for me. It felt good to stretch out. Perhaps not this year, but next. Last year’s seemingly chronic leg injury did not help.

The new city, the new symmetry.

I’ve got a new stalker of sorts. No, not the usual kind. I’ve had three of those. 

The number ’11’ and occasionally ‘1234’. Probably started about a year or so ago. Didn’t pay much attention to it, other than I seemed to be seeing that number pattern more frequently. Coincidence at first. A particulary vivid or memorable/precognitive dream on 1/11; meeting someone important to me on a date that featured 11; seeing 11 on clocks everywhere.  1:11, 11:11. Yes, there is a 1 in 706 probability that if you look at a clock during each day you will see those digits.

Since the fall of 2010, it’s been a bit more frequent. A bit mystifying.  Weird, really. Amusing at times. Being jolted awake at 11:11 p.m.; and again at 1:11 a.m.  The same night. Many times.  Jolted awake at other times that featured ’11’. Showing up on clocks almost any time I looked. Showing up at the gas pump, where the pump would just stop functioning when it hit the $11.11 total. It would restart  a few seconds later. 11:11 just for you. Finding exactly 11 cents in coins on the sidewalk. In front of a church too, sometimes. Being given $11.11 in change at the store.  Seeing the 1.11 miles readout on my treadmill. Or I’ve been on it for 11 minutes and 11 seconds.  Burned 111 calories. So, I looked up the ’11 phenomena’ and found a wealth of information online.

Synchronicity, perhaps. I’ve experienced it.  Many times. Not a stranger to me.

It quite possibly could be some sort of visual glitch/visual ‘brainworm’ where I’ve found a pattern and my brain keeps seeking it. Like the wretched earworm or sonic ‘Stuckholm’ syndrome where a song (or less enjoyable parts of it) stays in your head for seemingly an eternity. The brain’s unique screening device – the reticular activating system. I’ve set myself up to subconsciously pick up on the number patterns. Easy solution. Problem solved. Confirmation bias.

I also watched ‘Lost’ . Numbers everywhere.

I’ve looked in to the more esoteric explanations: numerology, angels and angel numbers, the whole 11:11 lightworker phenomenon (humanity moving from a third dimension to the fifth dimension). The 11:11 wakeup call. The pathway to the positive unknown and beyond. Surfing the Tao.

I do like puzzles, so I’ll keep at this one. Keep digging. At least for now. Play with the universe, and it plays with you. Well, at least it’ll be fun visiting this Matrix. I’m looking forward to 12:12.

I just don’t want to visit the ‘Lost’ island. The ending wasn’t quite what I had in mind.

But I do want to know if my city has invested in motion-sensor street lights. There are a few I’ve encountered that stay ‘burned out’ until I pass by and then automatically turn on…

*Out of Time – Jagger, M., Richards, K.


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