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Welcome to the Pleasure Dome. Xanadu.


I’m not talking bad 70s or early 80s. I don’t mind some of the Halston 70s-inspired fashion revival, and disco never dies. Much like bad polyester. The 80s are over and Frankie has long returned from Hollywood. But I digress.

Stayin’ alive.

I have about five small bags of clothing and shoes (so far) to either consign, sell, or donate to charity. Out with the old and time to make room for the new. I’m fond of my new 20s-inspired top, complete with silver chainmail fringe. And my new jeans. They’ll go great with my silver glitter peeptoes or my rare Louboutin fuschia greasepaint pumps. I’m bored of black.

Been in a Snow Queen state of mind.

All about the mirror and its pieces. Reflections somehow unreal. Shards slash across my mind. Not Andersen’s world. One of my favourite fairy tales. Ice as metaphor.

Yeah, winter is over. Officially. Normally winter comes to an end here in May. Given the slow snow melt, maybe early June.  The local Mount Snowpocalypse is finally melting. There’s a contest to guess when it’ll finally disappear. Next year’s mountain will be named after the winner. It’s currently 197 feet high. I’m thinking around August 28th.

Spring means the living is itchy. The sand/dirt and snow mold is already getting to me.

A slow melt may mean more mosquitoes in summer. Eaten alive.

I’ve been playing with my new tech sandbox. It’s still in its pilot stages and not fully functional. The go-live date is Fall 2011. I picked up the basics in about two minutes of ‘play’. Necessity and all that. Have already found some bugs. It’s great being given the keys to the car and having no idea how to drive it. I can only ‘kill’ so much.  Busy time of year for me, which includes working on a project for the McLuhan Centenary.

It’s TVland’s spring break. The annual hiatus til mid-April, when the current season’s crop of shows return for their last few episodes. And the spring/summer season will start – ‘Dr. Who’ will return, ‘Breaking Bad’, etc.  ‘Mad Men’ may not return til 2012.

‘V’ ended its second and probably final season a couple of weeks ago. An all-right finale that seemed to hit some high notes, including the series’ best line to date – ‘now this is how you kill your mother’, along with a welcome character killing. A bit sadistic, yes; but pleasing. Fitting, really. The show seemed to finally find itself, after floundering around like a semi dried up lizard for the first season and a bit. Or I just lowered my expectations. 

 The low-rated ‘Fringe’ was picked up for a fourth season, as announced last weekend. It seems to finally be finding itself. Perhaps Fox doesn’t have a lot of series ready for next fall. The new fall season announcements in May could be interesting. It’ll be interesting to see if ‘Human Target’ will be renewed.  ‘Stargate Universe’ is burning off its last ten episodes. Ratings have hit a new low. The show seemed to pick up a bit in these last episodes so far. Not as literally dark as the first season, as someone finally found the ship’s light switch. Too little, too late. One good episode out of the now four that I’ve seen. Poor pacing, poor execution. There really is a good show in SGU – somewhere. It shouldn’t take two seasons to find it.

Started watching a new Canadian drama – ‘Endgame’. A procedural with a twist. Instead of the standard private investigator, the protagonist is an agoraphobic Russian chess grandmaster. Fiancee killed under mysterious circumstances, Mr. Chess Man never leaves his hotel. Solves the crimes using his chessboard and the episode’s characters as its pieces.  The pilot was weak in many spots, but the show improved in the second episode. The writing is a bit shaky, and at times, cringe-worthy. ‘Endgame’ does have some potential. Crimes, like the game of chess, can be played in many variations. The city of Vancouver is shot beautifully. The series (so far) does lack a bit of the chess ‘mystique’ and the game’s huge ego and high political stakes. Plus the intelligence and wit. It does have an interesting concept but I’m not sure it’s hitting the right moves. It’s at stalemate for me for now.

Did see that a homegrown show I did love, ‘Todd and the Book of Pure Evil’ got a rave review from AICN (Ain’t it Cool News). Hopefully one of the US cable channels will pick it up. There are snippets available on YouTube.

Finished listening to the last of my Manic Street Preachers singles B-sides from their last album. One of the few bands out there today who are old-fashioned and release ‘singles’. One album and 15 b-sides later. Some are actually very good and could have been A-sides. Did enjoy receiving a signed postcard. A nice little keepsake, a nice thank you to the fans.

Also caught up on the last two Asia albums – ‘Phoenix’ and ‘Omega’. I’ve always loved the band and its first two albums (self-titled and ‘Alpha’) remain musical loves. No, I’m not a prog snob. Also have been listening to Porcupine Tree.

Time to engage with my shadow.


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