Time Ain’t Nothing

Dr. Who finished its midseason with ‘A Good Man Goes to War’. Following the new TV business model of a split season. Which doesn’t work. Limited run series don’t need 7 weeks and then a four month break and then the rest of the season. Given that it is Dr. Who, the audience will find the show. Most other series? Not really, not unless it’s one of the favourites on the PVR. How I sometimes find things I like to watch. Yes, it is summer and the audience has moved on to other things til fall. However, some summer series, like True Blood, do work.

Timey-wimey, bubbly. It ain’t nothing.

A midseason cliffhanger with everything but the Death Star. And Han Solo. Yeah, the Star Wars saga references were pretty obvious. I really missed the ‘you were the chosen one’ line. I had seen part of The Phantom Menace the other week. I don’t know where I am on the number of times I’ve actually seen Star Wars: A New Hope (Episode IV). I am at least two to three lines ahead of the movie most times. The kitchen sink episode. Beware the Cybermen. No Daleks this season. Too bad.

So, we learned who River Song is. Not particularly surprising. Not the Doctor’s ‘wife’ as speculated. The episode was well-telegraphed for that ‘revelation’. Heavy-handed storytelling, really. I became tired of being clonked on the head by the ‘revelation’. Not a surprise, much.

The half-season so far? It’s had its moments. And its not so good moments. Uneven storytelling.

I still don’t know if Moffat has control of his show. Character development has either been lacking or non-existent. I still don’t know about Amy/Amelia Pond. As the Doctor’s Companion/the voice of the audience, I still have no idea who she is, exactly. No investment in what happens to her. I haven’t figured out if I care yet. Uncompelling. Unspecial.  I was lucky to see most of the modern series in a marathon viewing session last summer. Davies had an arc for his ‘companions’. Rose, Martha, and Donna all had growth. All had a purpose. The audience/viewer may not have agreed but it was there. Amy Pond? The jury is still out. I don’t see an arc. I don’t know the character. I don’t know why Amy and Rory are married. On a superficial level, yes, it’s a modern story. A married couple on the Tardis. I haven’t seen much of a dynamic between Amy and Rory. Rory I enjoy. His character has had sublime moments of humanity in the series. Even as plastic, he was fantastic.

We get Amy pregnant twice in two seasons. Slightly misogynistic, perhaps? Yes, babies are part of life and women do ‘want it all’. The baby seems little more than a plot device/filling an expositional hole. Is there a purpose? Not really.  The mysterious River Song. The question the past couple of seasons. Who is she, really. Maybe slightly too soon for such a reveal. Time as bubble.  A Timelord War? Weaponising timelords? It’s really sounding like the Star Wars ‘Force’. The old French Medieval lierature  inspiration for it. Not the retconned version 2 ‘midichlorians’. Ugh.

A mixed season so far. The highlight was ‘The Doctor’s Wife’. Nice touches throughout. A lovely episode. A strong opener with ‘The Impossible Astronaut’. It’s unlikely that we are done with The Silence. I half expect another ret-con by season’s end.

I’d like to know more about Amy Pond, please. Very poor character development, Mr. Moffat. Yes, you do have moments of brilliance in your writing. Some comes across as poetry, really. ‘A Good Man Goes to War’ was good. The poetry in it, anyway. Some utterly derivative, where I was wondering which Star Wars line would be used. An episode with everything but Darth Vader.  There is homage and there is…. a mess. I don’t know if showrunning is  the forte of the current showrunner. Individual episodes, yes. Perhaps the last half of the season will answer my questions and concerns. Right now, the season is not cohesive. Like last season. The highs and lows. Prisoner Zero. The Impossible Astronaut. The companion has been underwritten and overwhelmed by the supporting characters. No purpose. Some good lines from the Doctor.  Little growth though. Just the status quo. Melody Pond/River Song. The river in the forest. Still looking for the trees.


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