How to Disappear Completely

My little empire. Risen and set.

I’ve been offline for a bit. The usual summer re-charge. Sun. Mosquito bites. A bit of nothingness. Back to meditation. Chakra and energy work.  My little X file is still that. It’s interesting. Takes up a lot of time. Suffering from energetic imbalance. Eased a bit by some margaritas. Some good wine. Some retail therapy. Including some sparkly Choos. Wondering what to add to my iTunes library. Not much current stuff is grabbing my interest, so maybe I’ll find some 70s and 80s goodies.

Summer TV viewing was mainly ‘Breaking Bad’, ‘True Blood’, ‘Haven’, and the final season of ‘Entourage’. I do miss ‘Mad Men’, but look forward to a hopefully more coherent season in 2012. ‘True Blood’ bounced back a bit creatively from last summer’s lacklustre season. It seems to suffer from a TV version of the Star Trek film franchise even-number syndrome, with the even-numbered season being better than the odd-numbered one. 

I’ve watched most seasons of ‘Entourage’. I’ve lost a lot of interest over the seasons but have invested too much time in it to not see how it all ends. Last season was short and uninspiring. The new season is a bit rocky but the wind-down is noticeable. Disappointing finale.

‘Breaking Bad’ continues to be one of the most intelligent shows on television. Difficult to get in to, in terms of its subject matter. It’ll be interesting to see how dark the show can go in terms of Walter White’s transformation from milquetoast high school teacher to drug kingpin. Will it indeed go down the path that is expected/predictable or will there be a 180-turn that’ll flip the show around? Guess it’ll wait til the final season next year. Another stellar season this year. Vince Gilligan continues to show his master storytelling ability.

‘Haven’ airs a few days late here in Canada, but well within the week of its original US airdate.  I do enjoy that it does not indulge itself with standard TV and storytelling tropes. A little different. I still tend to compare many ‘The X Files’ inspired programs to the original X Files, right down to familiar ‘cases’. It is a storytelling challenge to have a small town have so many ‘troubles’ that necessitates paranormal investigations. A disbelief, mainly. Perhaps it’s the east-coast fishing-town that makes sense. Home of nor’easters. Things that continue to go bump in the night.  The season finale could also have worked as a series finale. I hope that the show is renewed for another season.

So what I have I been watching this fall? ‘Pan Am’ caught my interest for a couple of episodes. A Schlamme production – well, I almost expected shades of Aaron Sorkin.  One of my favourite writers. A breezy 60s series, with fluff and intrigue. Hello Cold War, with a stewardess’ point of view. And good 60s music – pre the British Invasion.  I miss the days when airplanes had legroom. Not quite ‘Mad Men’. Nice wardrobe. I’d love the inflight bag. Perhaps Prada will reimagine the shape for an upcoming collection. I don’t know if the ‘girl’ power works. A new locale each week, some spy thing. I see turbulence and premature cancellation.

I’ve also checked out ‘Terra Nova’. Well, it sat on the PVR for a couple of weeks. I priced the premiere at $15-20 million.  Definitely more than the $10 million ‘Lost’ premiere. A dystopian future not too far out of view of Terminator 2. Show focuses on the Shannons, the Modern Stone Age family. The initial mise en scene was interesting, but the characters decidedly not. More of a modern day ‘western’ but without the sensibility of John Ford. Going back in time to ‘fix’ history. Well, it’s happened and no matter what’s done, an extinction will happen. Can’t change history or the timeline. Even if it’s with semi Ikea furnishings.  It’s become a comedy of sorts for me. More of a ‘who will be eaten this week’ type of show. Disappointing in terms of the show’s creative team’s pedigree. But maybe not. ‘Star Trek’ meets ’24’ in a bad western, replete with future ‘cowboys’ and ‘Indians’.  Yeah, part of the creative team for this was the Star Trek TV franchise’s undoing. No one is particularly compelling or interesting. The teen scene? Not interested. Jurassic Park meets The Flintstones meets The Searchers. None of the characters had me at ‘hello’. I don’t get it – at least not at this time. I expect more than a Swiss Family Robinson series. Slow and not moving. Glacial pace. The fossil fuels are still moving. If it’s a Western, do it properly. I’m waiting for the ‘ride the dinosaur’ episode.

I’ve also checked out the US version of ‘Prime Suspect’.  Another dissapointment. Yet another uninteresting procedural. Far too Americanised. Pointless.

Have been enjoying ‘Dexter’ and ‘Boardwalk Empire’. ‘Empire’ is a bit slow but it does pay off. Love the 20s music.

Should be back on a more ‘regular’ basis now. PVR working, of course.

My guilty pleasure, ‘Todd and Book of Pure Evil’ returns Sunday.

See you next week.


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