Is this what you want?

I’m thinking Hollywood tragedy.

No, we don’t cry when they all die blonde.

I didn’t kill the Zeitgeist.

It’s been a busy couple of weeks.

Looking forward to the upcoming holiday break.

And a new tech sandbox in January.

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Just insert a different expletive. Variety and all that.

I’d like to not be so jaded.

Some random TV thoughts:

‘Stargate: Universe’ wrapped up its half-season last Friday.  I was a little underwhelmed. Most of this season should have occurred *last* season. Still wildly uneven, and uninteresting. Lots of questions, lots of ‘what ifs’. Do I expect a third season? Possibly, because of the brand’s success. Low ratings, and no real sign of improvement. A decision is expected in the spring. I expect one within the next couple of weeks. January, perhaps.

‘Sanctuary’ has been good. The past couple of episodes – ‘Breach’ and ‘For King and Country’ have been ‘A’ level. Inexpensive show to produce, and entertaining. My current favourite sci-fi show.

‘Fringe’ will move to the Friday night graveyard in January. Bye.

‘V’ returns early January. Will it just become another letter of the alphabet? Or will we get the promised Uprising?

‘Boardwalk Empire’ wrapped up its inaugural season on Sunday. The ep got cut off a couple of minutes before it ended on my PVR, so I will need to rewatch the last few minutes. The Scorsese beginning was excellent, it flapped around like a bad silent movie for a few episodes and somehow managed to turn into an interesting adult drama the last three or so episodes. The second season may be quite interesting.

A weak fifth season of ‘Dexter’ finishes next week. Will our serial killer antihero be one step closer to being caught? There will be a sixth season.

Music musings in the next few weeks. What to choose as album of the year. Looks like Arcade Fire is leading right now. I do admit that very little caught my musical ear this year. Weak year for releases. Some interesting Brit releases that didn’t translate to Canada. Next year looks promising. Gigwise, nothing truly interesting. Yet. Lots of country acts. Not for me.

Back to the creaky covered wagons. The Gold Rush pioneers. Nothing but fool’s good. Wait. A bad movie.  A visit to Sunset Boulevard. California dreaming.

I walk through the forest. The trees are diseased. All the skies are grey.

I’m not ready for my close-up.

Face down, in the pool. Classic DeMille. Norma Desmond.

I am big. It’s the pictures that got small.

I’m the Scarlet Empress.

Actually, I’m tired of the whole Hollywood gossip scene. I’ve had a nice break from it for the past few months.

Tired of the spin, the publicity, the goings-on about those who are ‘famous’ for nothing. No, I don’t care.

Perhaps it’s time for the ‘blondes’ to change colour…

And maybe interest me.

Perhaps throw the manuscript.

But that wouldn’t be the Hollywood ending.


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  1. Is this what you want?…

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